Hi All,
After an inspection of our Iron Hill course this morning by Bernie Coyne the Clerk of the Course
it has been decided to cancel the event on the weekend of 29/04/2018.
As we had a full entry of 125 it was felt the ground conditions were too wet with standing water
all around the course. As you know we use nearly all of Iron Hill and there are no alternative
parts of the ground we could use.
For those of you who have entered “on line” your money will be transferred back to your bank
accounts. Postal entries will have your cheques returned.
We will try to find an alternative date later in the year when it has stopped raining.
Sorry to be the barer of bad news but we do not want to trash the ground.
Alan Dudley (Secretary of the Meeting, Kingston & District MCC)

Iron Hill riders list

Final Timecard and H & H results below.

2017_combine Time card championship

2017_combine H&H_championship


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What is enduro racing?

In a traditional time-keeping enduro, riders leave together in groups or rows, and each row starts at a certain minute. The object of the event is to arrive at pre-defined locations according to a strict schedule. Early or late arrivals result in the riders’ scores being penalized. Throughout a day there will also be allocated periods for refuelling and servicing the machine. Penalties apply for not meeting defined times or for outside-assistance when not permitted.

Hare and Hounds

In this type of event riders start generally in the respective classses at about 30 second intervals, the events usally run for 3 hours and it is the rider that completes the most laps just after the alloted time has finished.



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